About us

  • The product:
    The high specialisation level, very good cooperation with machine producers and the qualityminded production allows Vivaldi to belong to the leading european manufacturer of woodworking tools for industrial production lines and being supplier to some of Europe’s largest woodworking companies. The same quality level is used with standard tools.

    Vivaldi has its own engineering office with a modern CAD-infrastructure.

  • Thanks to the experience and the high-tech used, Vivaldi has realised the tool series "Speed-System". This tool series allows the increase of infeed speed for tenoning tools up to 30% with the same knive duration as with normal use.

    Product certification:
    Security is very important to Vivaldi. Through consequent use and control of the European security law Vivaldi has been able to receive security certification of German BG. The BG certification has stronger laws than the at present valid EN847-1 law. Therefore, Vivaldi is able to guarantee for his complete production range conformity of EN 392/89/CE.